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 Robert Sawyer
B:May 19,1818, Union,
Ashley, Arkansas


Nancy Rice B:1827

Robert Thomas Sawyer

Robert Thomas Sawyer
B: March 19, 1844 Claiborne Co., La.
D: Feb. 13, 1927 Fayette Co. Texas
"From the book named Smithville due to be released March 23, 2009" Robert settled in with his family around 1850 south of Smithville on the county line near Barton's Creek. At age 16, he became a scout for the 5th Texas Calvary, Company I, riding his horse "Seven Up" throughout the Civil War and bringing it back home with him. He was married to  Mary Ann Jeffrey and then to Asenath Louisa Scallorn, producing thirteen children, before he died in 1927.     


Edgar and Sallie's wedding picture 


Daniel Arthur Sawyer B: Jan.1852, June 3, 1926
He is Robert Thomas Sawyer's Brother


Daniel Arthur Sawyer
as a young man


Jessie Jeffrey and wife
This is the original photo
That was given to me by my dad


Charles Kenneth Sawyer son
of John Ellis Sawyer



L-R are Robert Thomas Sawyer,
Thomas Shelton, Daniel A. Sawyer


Edgar Sawyer B:Aug. 20, 1867 D:Jan.6,1955
Married Jan. 6, 1892 to Sallie Lou Allen
B:Aug. 8, 1872 D:Jan. 10, 1960


Oregon Cordelia Miller B:Nov. 1854
D: Feb. 23, 1913 She is D.A.Sawyer's wife 


Escar Bryant Sawyer B:April 13, 1898
D: Aug. 1968 He is Daniel and
Oregon Sawyer's son 


Med Sawyer and wife
This is the original photo and
one of the many photos that
was given to me by my dad


Willie and Annie Sawyer
he is my grandmother
Hattie May's brother,
Annie is his first wife


Back row l to r:
Martin Van Buren, Frank Sawyer, Nancy Jane Sawyer, William "Bill" Sawyer, Doll, Williams wife
Maggie Mae holding Myrtle Tiner, Bryant Sawyer, Gertrude Graves, Daniel Arthur Sawyer, Oregon Cordelia Sawyer, in front of her Cordie Graves, Addie holding her oldest son Oat Graves 

This is the house that Robert Sawyer built for
his family in Smithville, Bastrop Cty, Tx.

L to R: Frank Sawyer, Daniel A. Sawyer,
Oregon Cordellia Sawyer and
Escar Bryant Sawyer