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On this website I will only have the Sawyer Ancestors from the past to the present. And links to other websites that involve my family. I hope you enjoy what you see on here and please sign my guestbook also and let me know what you think of my website and if you have a website or email address that I can make a connection with you. I want to find more of my Sawyer Ancestors and relatives that are connected to them. Our Sawyer line descends from Kettering, Northampton, England  Enjoy.


Description of our Sawyer Crest:
Arms: Lozengy Or (gold) and Azure (blue), on a pale Gules (red), three escallops of the first (i.e., gold).
Crest: On a mural coronet Gules (red),  a parrot's head erased Vert (green), beaked gold. 


The Rice book below is still a work in progress. It is available for reading only and when it is finished I will let everyone know. Thank you Just click on the Read button and enjoy it.

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Sawyer Creek in Camden, N. Carolina

My 3rd great grandfather
Robert Sawyer

This is the house that Robert Sawyer built for
his family in Smithville, Bastrop Cty, Tx.